Soccer Set Play - Award Winning Corner Kick

Being able to score on corner kicks is a must in youth soccer. Most of the time younger players are not able to kick the ball into the box with control, so on this play we take the long kick out. With a shorter kick we are able to control where the ball goes and who gets it. We are able to get the ball to our best player and see if they can put the ball into the back of the net. For more free soccer coaching tips and drills visit

Setting up a wall

One key to a great team is the ability to keep teams from scoring. One of the easiest ways to score in soccer is on direct free kicks. We keep teams from scoring by setting up walls ten yards in front of the ball. Making the opponent have to shoot over or around the wall, will keep points off the scoreboard. For more free tips and drill visit

Soccer Shooting Drills - Shooting From Distance

As a coach we are always working on getting our players ready for games, but in order to get them ready for games you have to put them in game-like drills. This drill will help your players find the open area in front of the box, and work on getting a quick and strong kick off.
Running set plays is always overlooked in soccer. One of the best ways to put points on the boards is with set plays. This set play is on of our favorites and we wanted to share it with you. This play will take some practice, but will produce great shots on goal.

The Need of Serving Drills at Practice
Make sure that as a soccer coach that you are working on serving drills each week at practice. There is a big difference between passing and serving drills. The easiest way to put more points on the board during soccer games is to work on serving drills.

The Difference Between Shooters and a Finishers in Soccer Games

It doesn't take long to see that there is a difference in a shooter and a finisher. Shooters are the players that have a killer leg and can blast the ball from well outside the box with success, where a finisher is the player that is always in the middle of every attack and is somehow always in the right spot at the right time. They are able to get a foot or a head on every cross. Work hard to find the difference in your players and make sure that they work on these skills during practices.

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4v2 Role Reversal Small Sided Soccer Game

This is one of our favorite small sided games to play. It starts out with four attackers going up against two defenders and two goalies. If the attackers score, they must all check back near the coach to receive another ball. If the defending team steals the ball or makes a save then you switch sides. This activity will reinforce your players to check back for the ball. Try this activity at your next practice, and your players will love it.