Soccer Drills & Practice Plans

Kids play soccer because it is fun! Scoring is fun, dribbling and shooting are fun. Being outside with a bunch of other kids running around is fun!

If kids think something is fun, they will do it more. You have to struggle to get your kids to clean their room because it isn’t enjoyable for them. Do you have to argue with them to play more video games? Or do you have to ask them twice to eat more candy or watch their favorite TV show?

No, of course not. They like to do the things they enjoy.

Well, we all know that to get good at something, you have to practice at it. You need a lot of repetitions. If soccer isn’t fun for your kids, then they won’t want to play or go to practice. If they don’t play, they won’t get any better.

So I decided that whatever I did with my boys and their teams, it would be fun. Well, guess what my plan worked!

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